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Starch Sugar Processing Machine For Sale

For High-DE Glucose, High Fructose Syrups, Low-DE Products, high quality made in China

Starch sugars are a group of starch derivatives, which find significant application as natural sweeteners in foodstuff and beverages or as components in other fields, for instance in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In the bioprocess industry, they serve as a substrate to manufacture fermentation products.

Glucose syrup, also known as corn syrup, is a liquid starch sweetener used for foods and beverages. Maltodextrin and other spray-dried glucose syrups are used in the instant food industry as flavor ca.

High fructose syrup (HFS, or HFCS for high fructose corn syrup) in specified concentrations has a caloric value and sweetness similar to sucrose (table sugar)..

Glucose, also known as dextrose, is a natural sweetener, which is obtained from starch containing plants such as corn, wheat, rice and cassava..

Starch exists in plants, together with cellulose, protein, oils and fats, inorganic salts and other substances. Starch manufacturing is to extract the starch from plant seeds, root or tuber. .

It is widely used in the crushing of bulk materials in potato processing..

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